Clothing Inspired by Rock and Water.
RCKMNKY believes in people. And because of that, we won't compromise on our promise to:
1)    Deliver quality clothing that is thoughtfully, and passionately made with every detail in mind (where its sourced, how its designed, why its set apart)
2)    Give proceeds from every purchase, with full transparency, to clean drinking water projects to communities in need through our humanitarian non-profit, Water For 1.
We want it to be obvious in everything we do that we’re thoughtful about why and how our clothing is made and how we give through Water For 1.  From where our clothing is sourced, to how it's designed, every item has a story that we want you to know about.  From every water project we donate, there are incredible life changing stories that need to be shared so that you understand the impact that you are making when you purchase from RCKMNKY.

RCKMNKY is a founding partner of Water For 1, which is a humanitarian non-profit that brings clean drinking water to communities in need.  By partnering, we’ve already had the privilege of contributing over $20,000 across multiple water projects that has directly impacted over 1000 people.  The primary way that we contribute is through purchase and distribution of mobile filter systems that act as a viable option to villages and communities that bring water supply to the individual family level. 

Inspired by Rock and Water.

Wear the Monkey.

- rckmnky